The man who sends me gifts  (2017)

I received an e-mail from a man I didn’t know, asking me for my address to send me something by ordinary mail. During the following three years J. kept sending me presents to my address, and later frequent telephone messages. I didn’t know anything about him but his name and that the sender was from Madrid.

As a response to his increasing invasion, I invited him to my place and offered him to stay there for 24 hours without the possibility to get out. During that day I observed all his steps with three hidden cameras.

J and I have never met.

The neighbors (2013)

On the basis of the relationship that binds me to my next building neighbors (denoted by Stanley Milgram as the relationship of “Familiar Strangers”) I start a game of mutual and consented voyeurism that allows me to approach them without making a real relationship.

Self-published zine
15 x 21 cm
28 pages
Inkjet printed
Published in 2013

Anna’s bag (2012)

The emergence of social networkings helped to blur the boundaries between public and private, prompting the game to watch and be seen, to show and project our life as we want it to be perceived by the other.

The virtual sphere serves as a background to explore the intricacies of self and other, public and private, trust and violation.

Anna’s bag is a project that narrates the research and approach of a character through the Social networkings from a bag found in the street. Through this game I propose to reflect on the potential of control of the virtual media also on the information we share on the internet as double-edged sword.

Self-published zine | 48 color pages
15 x 21 cm
Inkjet printed
Publised in 2013

Laboratori (2014)

Laboratori is a photographic project created by nine authors during four days at Ca l'Isidret. Born from a desire to work under the concept of laboratorium as a space for research and experimentation, this publication gathers some of the obtained interpretations.

Alessandro Calabrese, Nacho Caravia, Roger Guaus, Reinis Lismani, Aleix Plademunt, Dani Pujalte, Estela Sanchis, Laura Torres Bauzà, Juan Diego Valera

36 pages
35 image in b&w
22,7 cm x 32,6 cm
300 edition

Published in 2015
ISBN 978-84-941484-3-9

Available on

Antipodes (2014)

Curated by Almudena Caso, Jessica Donelan & Elina Gault

Antipodes is a collaborative project that conceptually and physically explores the notion of location. Sixteen contemporary artists at opposite sides of the world, Spain and Australia, have been paired with each other. Through open dialogue, the paired artists discuss ideas such as the effects of location on his or her practice and feeling emotionally at antipodes with society. This resulted in actions such as the exchange of abstract video correspondence, a live simultaneous city walk and public exhibition of artworks in the antipodal country. These action have developed into artworks from each artist’s perspective, each linked through medium, concept, content or depiction of site.

Charged with conflicting communication, time zones, culture, holiday seasons and nostalgia, these outcomes of photography, video, sculpture and installation will be exhibited at Conduit Arts and in Spain in mid 2015. This exhibition highlights how location can affect our experience of ones surroundings, culture and place.  |  +34 676794744